What you should know about latex printing


of water in ink composition


certified environmentally-friendly dyes

out of 5 in UV resistance

out of 5 in abrasion resistance

Environmentally-friendly latex printing

Innovations set the direction for developments – and therefore at Franc Gardiner we use the most modern technologies on the market every day. In order to meet the customers’ needs, we provide the opportunity to request personalized prints on products, including textile roller shades, wallpapers and decorations.

Decorations: from one item to a series of several millions

Latex print technology has opened up almost unlimited possibilities to manufacture products with customized patterns. Among many items, we print on:

roller blind, wallpaper, label, cushion, lamp, canvas, other

Print orders can start from 1 item, and with the option to customize your pattern we also provide the opportunity to create a larger or shorter product series. By always keeping up with the current trends, the risk of investment in a product is reduced, which will satisfy your customer.

Technology of the future

As one of a few Polish companies we have acquired the latest latex printing technologies. This was made possible by, among other things, the purchase of HP Latex 3000 printer and HP Latex 370 – the latest generation device offering the highest quality of industrial printing, both on a large scale and for single orders.

HP Latex 3000, HP Latex 370

Our prints are:


7 printing heads (color) in 1200dpi x 1200dpi resolution


The most exact representation of colors among industry-class printers


Printing from roll to roll, for free falling or on double roll


Indoor 77m²/h, outdoor even up to 180m²/h; max. base width 3.2 m (or 2x 1.6 m)


Almost 80% of ink is water. The printing technique has the following environmental certificates: UE RoHS, WEEE, REACH, UL


An excellent ratio of the print quality and the media used to the final order price

Your key benefits


Latex inks are pigments diluted with water – odorless and completely harmless to health or the environment.


Latex print is dry and durable right after application, and therefore does not become worn and does not lose its quality. In comparison to solvent-based inks, you do not have to wait until the dye solvents evaporate. You can save up to 48 hours!

ULTRA HD prints

The quality of latex prints is incomparably better than those of other technologies. The same can be said about color saturation and the general visual appeal, which you can offer to your customers as one of the few companies able to do so.


During independent laboratory tests (INTERTEK, Germany) the prints received very high marks in abrasion and UV radiation resistance tests, which guarantees long satisfaction from product quality!

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