The smartroll™ brand is a combination of innovative solutions and technology. The smartroll™ offering responds to the latest trends and market -expectations related to user comfort and safety.

The brand’s portfolio includes a wide array of user-friendly, patented smartroll™ mechanisms.

The primary concept behind the patented smartroll™ technology was to increase your safety during the use of indoor roller shades. With the elimination of bead cords, the shade can be lifted and lowered in a more comfortable manner, and the interior’s style becomes fashionably minimalistic.

Numerous consultations with experienced designers resulted in an innovation resulting from the need for comfortable and safe solutions. The key to its development was the willingness to change the environment you and your close ones live in into a better place.

smartroll™ is a mechanism suitable for roller shades with the most common tube diameter, i.e. 24-25 mm.

Is the roller shade made of heavy textile or does it have non-standard dimensions? Not a problem for us! Our offer also includes a variation of the mechanism, i.e. smartroll™ 32, which is able to lift even a 2.5×3 m shade with a weight of 3.4 kg. You do not have to give up on your desired interior arrangement just because the roller shade exceeds the standard size.

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